Article date: 13 May 2006

Wine Information

All the wines listed on supermarketwine.com have been reviewed in the national press. The information for each wine, including price, grape, country and tasting notes comes from the review. There is a link from each wine to its review. We recommend that you read a review before buying a wine.


The accuracy of the information on this site comes from the reviews. We make every attempt to accurately represent each review. However, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information in each review. This is the responsibility of the reviewer and review publication.


Supermarket Wine (supermarketwine.com) is not responsible for the accuracy of prices on this web site. The price for each wine is taken from its review. Supermarket Wine is, therefore, not responsible for any mis-match between the price of a wine listed on this site and its actual price at a supermarket.

If you have found a price mis-match, please let us know. We will update the site accordingly.


The wines listed on supermarketwine.com are recommendations only and do not guarantee quality. None of the wines listed are the recommendations of supermarketwine.com – they are the recommendations of reviewers working for national newspapers. If you do not agree with a recommendation, you are invited to leave a comment for others to read.

Not in stock

Supermarket Wine does not take any resposibility for the availability of wines at any supermarket. There are a number of reasons why a wine might not be available. For example:

  1. The wine is no longer available.
  2. The wine is only stocked at certain stores.
  3. The wine is temporarily out-of-stock.

If you know of a wine listed on this site which is no longer available, please let us know.

Buy this wine

If you use a ‘Buy this wine’ link, we cannot guarantee that the wine listed on this site will be exactly the same as the wine on the retail site. We have no responsibility for any transactions you undertake with any site we link to.